I Give Up.

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That's it, I'm done with movable type.

It's just gotten too fucking annoying; I can't keep it working without babysitting. COmments are broken on every one of my blogs (i think) and nothing out there in documentation is current. Theyt change major fundamental technology with every release, don't update docs, and break every tutorial.

Fuck six apart. They had it, they chose to loose it. They owned blogging, and they gift-wrapped it for wordpress.

Hello, wordpress.

I'm currently working on converting this blog over. I have a test site with a full import working (Thanks, AAG). I just need to try to get a template I don't hate (really, what's with the gratuitous over-complexity with most WP templates? What do they want to be, tumblr?).

I also have a minor formatting issue with the imports (extra line breaks between paragraphs seem to only have been selectively preserved), but I might just live with it.

Anyway, this site should be converted shortly.

If I host your blog, I'll move you over also in the near future, if you so desire.

(note that most of this blog is currently unpublished. That was an accident, but fuck it, I'm not fixing it now, I'll fix it on the other side.)

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