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HNT undersea rear view



I have not done an HNT post in a LONG time. And since I spent a futile hour last night trying to blog something and failed, I figure, when words fail, post pictures or song lyrics.

Thus - Happy underwater HNT; snorkeling near Pu'uhonua o Honaunau

Hnt Rear View-1
(click to see full size)

This was taken about an hour before the event described here. And it may be the last time i post a pic of my back mostly tattoo-free.

Half-Nekkid shock



It's been a long long time since I've played Half-Nekkid Thursday, so i figure I either need to take the logos down, or contribute.

So I took a pic today that may come as, well, you know, a bit of a shocker.

Half-Nekkid Drag



I can't find my fucking camera. I think maybe I need to get another one.

So from the archives - some guys really shouldn't do drag.

(Happy HNT)

Half-Nekkid Extreme Close-up



Nuthin' to do with nekkid, but i like the picture.

Thus I give you HNT - Extreme Close-up!

Extreme Closeup-4

Taken at Disneyland, I think.

Half-Nekkid, with hair



Ok I meant to take a new picture for this. Given that last week was an ancient pic of me with long hair, I was gonna follow it up with a current hair pic. I'm in one of those rare non-shaving phases. I've got about a month of hair going, and a full beard not the usual goatee.

But I can't quite manage to get camera and battery together this eve. So you get the next best thing, a pic from last summer with a similar hair growth. I get this way only about once a year. As usual, click for full size.

I promise, current half nekkidness next time. Really.

Hairy Hnt

Happy HNT.

Half-nekkid prog rock



Another Half-nekkid-thursday is here with no time for picture taking. I had something for last week of course but didn't have time to post until friday or saturday so it didn't count.

Still, I was writing something the other day on prog-rock (as yet un-finished and un-posted), so I might as well pull out the old photos again. I'll admit there's nothing nekkid about this photo other than nekkid arms (before tattoos) and nekkid face (still too young to grow a beard, I was). Take a guess as to my age here, I'm not sure.

But dig the shirt. I was such a prog-head. Bet I was stoned when this was taken. As usual, click to get the full-size version.


Here's to half-nekkid-thursday anyway.

Half-Nekkid Gunslinger



Yep. That's me, on a family beach trip to Capitola, CA. I'm guessing, 1968-ish. Maybe '69. Then, like now, always playin' with my gun.


Actually in the original photo I was entirely nekkid but I'm not puttin' that photo here un-cropped.

(Happy HNT)

Half-nekkid Piercings



Let's hear it for Half-Nekkid Thursday. HNT_1

My Right Nipple. You only get one nipple today because it's half-nekkid, not wholly nekkid.

Hnt Nipple Bw

You know, I was thinking about this earlier when I was talking to the very lovely and extremely talented chelsea girl, about when I got various tattoos and piercings. And I realize that the first ear piercing I ever got is thirty years old this year. And thus, a bonus HNT pic to go with my right nipple - here's my left ear.

Ear Bw

I was fourteen when I got my ear pierced for the first time. Not that big a deal for today's youth I guess, but this was in 1976. Only one boy I knew had his ear pierced, and he was a hippy kid who lived in a winnebago with his mom, a stoned-out hippy artist. I can't recall the kid's name or the mom's name, but the winnebago was called "The elephant".

So when I decided at fourteen that i really, really wanted my ear pierced (inspired in part by kirk douglas in 20,000 leagues under the sea, but more by a scene in Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz in which the young king has his ear pierced as part of a magical ritual to unlease his latent powers), it wasn't easy to find a place to do it - this was before the days of piercing pagoda at your local mall. And when my mother (who did not understand my urge to punch a hole in my ear but went with me anyway) took me to a local jewelry shop, the creepy old lady who pierced my ear looked like she was just about ready to refuse. She'd never done a male ear and seemed to deeply disapprove of the whole idea. She charged for two piercings even though I only got one, and honestly I think her disapproval did more to win mom over to my side than anything else about the experience.

I've had seven more ear piercings since then, and still have a total of six including that first. I've pierced nipples, penis, scrotum, with varying degrees of success. I've pierced my ear to show someone it didn't hurt, to commemorate a particularly memorable trip (my first trip to london), and sometimes just for the fuck of it. None of the piercings have really been planned, they're all whim items that just sort of happen.

Sometimes you just have to poke a hole in yourself. And every once in a while, I meet someone who just understands that.

Half Nekkid Scar Stories



It's another Half-Nekkid Thursday already. HNT_1

I was trying to take a decent photo of one of my scars. But the funny thing is, my skin just doesn't really scar that much. I'm trying to find scars that photograph well and most of them are too flat and faded to show up in a photo.

Two knee surgeries and I can't find a mark from them.

A wicked slash across my face that I used to say was from a knife, but was actually a cat scratch, and you can barely see it. It used to look like a dueling scar, from right next to my left eye all the way down to the side of my mouth. Almost all gone now, but boy was it cool when I was ninteen.

The time I almost cut off my fingertip with my first pocketknife, only the barest white line.

Even the slash across my knuckle from last july when I was home alone and and hacked my hand when I was sharpening my favorite knife is faded to almost nothing.

The one I was going to post is on my foot, and I can just see it, but it doesn't show up in the pic below, so all you get is a little bit of furry hobbit foot with no visible scar. Yet, trust me, the scar's there and there's a story worth telling.

Half Nekkid Garters



My half-nekkid arms adjusting the garter belt for a half-nekkid friend. How could I have been the only person at this party who knows how to work a garter belt?

One of my many skills. Knowing how to dress - and undress - beautiful women. And I have to say, I did this job very very slowly, so as to savor every moment.

Hnt Nanny

Half Nekkid Thursday

I was going to post pictures of some of my scars, but I can't seem to locate the camera this eve. Next time. Not that many of you would choose pictures of my scars over pictures of this lovely thing in garters.

Half Nekkid Nutkin



Hiromi, that perpetually half-nekkid tart, just reminded me it's Thursday.

I'm not in a particularly half-naked mood, but you know, you start someon - uh, someTHING, you need to finish.

Thus - this is my second tattoo, on the back of my left shoulder (Yeah this is reversed, shot in a mirror and I didn't bother to flip it).

You might not be able to tell what it is; it's old and faded and blurred, not that well done to begin with (By Pinky Yuen in San Jose). I've had sex with people younger than this tattoo. But for reference, here's where it came from.


(click to see that bigger)

Half-Nekkid Thursday



Ok, ok. I keep promising to do this and then flaking. Not having a camera handy that can take a decent picture is only an excuse.

Half-nekkid thursday. Go read about it here: HNT_1. I guess I should have saved the mohawk pic for HNT.

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